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Augmented Reality (AR) try on tools comes to Snapchat

Snapchat, a social media site, is innovating the digital space allowing users to try on different product including jewelry using AR.

The website first started AR using shoes but has now expanded to include jewelry.

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"Snapchat users will now be able to try on clothing, glasses, purses and bracelets virtually with upgraded technology that detects and responds to body movements and facial dimensions."

Prada and Piaget, amongst other luxury brands, are also involved in Snapchat's new AR program.

" Prada is also trying hands-free try-on using a new tool that detects hand gestures. People can set down their phone, step away, and see how various Prada purses would look on them by using a “swiping” hand gesture to change the colours. Piaget, meanwhile, is taking advantage of the new ability for people to try on bracelets and watches, building on Snapchat’s existing tools that detect the face for makeup and eyewear try-on and feet for sneaker try-on."

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