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Beetle (the bug) jewelry, now and then

Pop culture website informs us "beetle jewelry" was not only popular in Ancient times, but also is experiencing a renessaince today.


"The creepiest fashion trend since those running shoes with individual toes. In several parts of the world, at several points in history, there have been trends of incorporating live insects into jewelry"

While we agree that the running shoes with individual toes were creepy, that pails in comparison to running shoes made with human blood. Rapper Lil Nas X recently introduced them to the world.

AVClub continues with some interesting history...

"Wearing bejeweled beetles was practiced by the ancient Egyptians and Mayans, but also made it into 21st-century fashion. Designer Jared Gold decided to one-up traditional beetle jewelry by designing a “roach brooch,” in which giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches were hand-decorated with Austrian Swarovski crystals, and sold with a roach-sized leash as an accessory."

You can read the full article here

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