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Blockchain in supply chain market

While most people associate the blockchain with cryptocurrencies, the technology does far more than create a coin that mimics gold.

The proliferation of the blockchain is based upon the premise that the digital ledger is unhackable. Because blockchain transactions are spread across a network of computers almost instantly it's impossible to alter the transaction without leaving a trail. Perhaps quantum computing will pose a hacking issue to certain blockchains in the future but that appears very far off.

An Australian website,, is out with a research report that identifies all areas of the jewelry ecosystem that are being enhanced by blockchain technology.

Below are the markets research has been conducted upon, per their website...

"Global Blockchain In The Jewelry Supply Chain Market Segmentation:

Market Segmentation by Type:

Diamond Precious metals Jewelry

Market Segmentation by Application:

Smart-contract Payment/Settlement Product traceability Inventory monitoring Compliance management"

You can read more about the research report here

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