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Diamond jewelry for party favors

There are clearly the "haves" and the "have nots" in this world, and while we've all heard tales of kings, queens, and royalty dishing out expensive jewelry as gifts, the social media crowd clearly seems to have a lot of money to burn as well.

Scott Disick often makes a lot of headline news in the gossip section and now he's making news in our jewelry trends section. At his recent 38th birthday he gave out diamond jewelry as party favors.

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""I've never heard of this before, party favors like this. These are Scott's party favors you guys. So anyone can just walk in — if they're invited to the party! — and they get [some]," Kim, 40, said in an Instagram Story as she panned across a table covered in diamond necklaces and Rolex watches.

"This is how the Lord does it," Disick said. "I'm sorry that everybody else gives out candy. I give out ice. And good ice."

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