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Diamond miner Alrosa to offer tracking technology

The Russian diamond miner will allow customers to experience the path of a diamond from the mine to the jewelry setting.

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"The company applies a so-called nano mark to the atomic structure of the diamond, replicating a process that occurs in stones over millions of years, said Oleg Kovalchuk, a researcher at Alrosa’s institute in Siberia. The physical mark is only visible with a special scanner, and differs from other modern tracing techniques based on keeping a digital copy of the gem, including with blockchain, or laser engraving, which can be polished off, according to Alrosa.

“By purchasing jewelry with a diamond protected by a nano mark, the buyer can be sure that it is actually made by Alrosa,” Chief Executive Officer Sergey Ivanov said in the statement."

The move comes as the ESG movement progresses forward, and in the jewelry sector that means sourcing diamonds according to the Kimberly Process of 2002.

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