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Fool's good maybe not so foolish

Wait... what? Fool's gold actually contains real gold? That is exactly what the scientists are now telling us.

Pyrite, also commonly known as "fool's gold", may contain a very small amount of actual gold according to recent analysis.

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"It turns out that fool's gold may not be so useless after all. New research finds that the mineral, also known as pyrite, sometimes contains miniscule amounts of actual gold.

Alas, the gold hidden inside the shiny yellow mineral isn't enough to make you a millionaire, but it could be enough to extract by industrial mining in a relatively environmentally friendly way."

OK, so you won't get rich amassing tons of pyrite, but the finding is further proof that science is advancing and we are continually learning about not only our environment but our minerals and resources.

The study on fool's gold also uncovered a new form of gold, more from LiveScience...

"The new study, however, has found a different form of gold hidden in pyrite.. Because pyrite is a crystal, that means its atoms are arranged in a neat, predictable pattern. But no crystal lattice is perfect, and Fougerouse and his colleagues found that gold can lurk in tiny defects in the pyrite’s crystal structure."

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