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Jewelers starting to jump on the NFT craze

Icecap, a startup, says that diamonds are not as liquid as gold or silver and looks to bring a solution to liquidity problem of diamonds.

Additionally, a British Jeweler named Asprey, is going to launch jewelry NFT's according to

More from VogueBusiness...

"Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have rocked the art world. Now, they are beginning to encroach on the world of diamonds as well as broader luxury jewellery and heirlooms. Asprey, the British jeweller with a royal warrant, is planning to release NFTs, Vogue Business has exclusively learned. They will be sold as a digital physical pair, meaning the buyer acquires both the object and the digital NFT representation of the object."

Bigger players like Cartier appear to still be on the fence, per Vogue...

"The lead of Asprey is not being followed by other big-name jewellers just yet. Timothy Iwata Durie, Cartier’s global innovation director, remains wary. “We, at Cartier, believe much of what we’re seeing is hype,” he says. “First and foremost, we don’t want our customers subject to the price volatility that we are seeing in the marketplace today... We are taking our time to explore jewellery-related NFT use cases that create concrete benefits for our clients.”

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