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Latitude, a division of WD Lab Grown Diamonds, produces diamonds that are carbon neutral

As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) takes a stronger hold in corporate world technology is evolving to meet the needs of the new governance standard.

Forbes reports...

"In late June 2021, Latitude a lab-grown diamond company that’s a division of the Washington D.C.-based WD Lab Grown Diamonds opened a new chapter in jewelry history by announcing that it is the world’s first and only diamond company to produce lab-grown diamonds that are carbon neutral, and what’s more, climate neutral. While diamonds have long been evaluated based on their cut, color, clarity and carat weight (collectively known as the 4 Cs), Latitudeembodies the 5th C, or climate neutrality. 100 per cent third-party certified climate neutral is a rating that surpasses carbon neutral in environmental stewardship."

Jewelers have launched their own ESG standard called SCS Jewelry Sustainability Standard, Titled SCS O7. According to Forbes...

"It is worth noting that along with WD Lab Grown Diamonds, other initial stakeholders who have signed up to undergo the process that will lead to attaining the SCS standard certification include such global jewelry brands as Swarovski, Goldiam, LUSIX Lab-Grown Diamonds, GreenRocks Created Diamonds and Nouveau Diamond."

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