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Men's jewelry in China

If you're thinking the prototypical "male" jewelry in the United States like gold chains or goth rings, you are incorrect. It's the growth of luxury items like diamond rings and diamond bracelets that are making headway. has a really good article out called "China Puts A Ring on Him" that thoroughly analyzes the blossoming men's jewelry market in China.

Per JingDaily...

"When thinking about today’s luxury male accessories market, a prefixed set of traditional jewelry items that embody “masculine” qualities are implied. Those items include gothic rings, rapper-inspired Cuban link chains, or male wardrobe additions such as tie clips, cufflinks, or belt buckles. But for China’s growing cohort of young, fashion-fluent men, those style conventions are hardly enough."

The article goes on to discuss customs in China, particularly related to diamond jewelry being more of a fashion symbol rather than a symbol of "commitment" like Western countries.

"Take the diamond, for example. The gemstone’s cultural association with “forever love” resonates much less with China’s millennials and Gen Zers than with their Western counterparts. Having grown up in a culture that’s relatively new to the Western concept of equating diamonds and marriage proposals, China’s young men are more likely to see the diamond as a fashion symbol than a commitment piece."

Social media is also playing a major role in the growing Chinese male jewelry market...

"On social media, a growing number of young Chinese men are sharing their experimental and gender-fluid approaches to jewelry. The hashtag #MenJewelry (男士珠宝) now has more than 30,000 posts on the lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu, where male fashion KOLs explain their tricks and tips on navigating luxury’s limited offers of men’s adornments."

You can read the full article here

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