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Men's jewelry in spotlight again

This time GQ is out with an article titled "Enter the Men's Jewelry Renaissance". In this Covid-19 world new trends are emerging across all sectors, and in the jewelry world, men's jewelry appears to be a big winner.


"How Jewelry Took Over Men's Fashion

If you spent the past 18 months on a silent-meditation retreat without internet access, you'd be surprised by some newly ubiquitous accessories upon your reentry into society. Hey, you might ask a passerby as they hustled along in their N95 mask and face shield, what's up with all these dudes in pearl necklaces and dangly earrings?"

The article goes on to describe the nascent climb of men's jewelry in the fashion world, reaching even the highest levels of the jewelry ecosystem.

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"The new wave has hit every corner of the jewelry industry, inspiring legacy brands to pursue a more fearless male-identifying customer—after LVMH acquired Tiffany this year, it installed 28-year-old executive Alexandre Arnault as head of product—and turning some indie brands into overnight smash hits."

You can read the full article here

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