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Stroll down earrings history lane

The symbolism of jewelry pieces dates back thousands of years. The BBC reports upon the 7th Century BC gypsum tablet located in Niveneh, Upper Mesopotamia. The tablet has a beautiful sculpture of a king wearing a very intriguing earring.

Per the BBC's "The Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal: The 2700 Year Old Fake News"

"At first glance, the piece of jewellery appears to be little more than a deceptively simple solar symbol blossoming with barbed flares, an ornament accenting the king's incontestable brilliance. Look closer, and the beaming petals that shoot pointedly from the earring's centre echoes not just the sharpened arrowheads on which the king's power is conditioned but also the claws and teeth that threaten to overwhelm him. The earring is a kind of compound emblem, one that absorbs into itself the eternity of the refulgent sun, the invincibility of the king, and the formidableness of the forces that he and he alone is powerful enough to keep at bay.

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