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Synthetic diamond review

News media site Wallpaper has a thorough review of top sythetic diamond brands, and where they hope to take this market in the future.

We've opined on the growing lab created / sythetic diamond market taking market share from mined diamonds. This article goes into further depth about the key manufacturers of lab created diamonds and the future they see.


"As man made diamonds become a popular choice for an engagement ring, so the curiosity around them grows, with many unclear about what sets them apart from natural diamonds. There is no technical, physical, chemical or optical difference between a lab grown diamond and a real diamond – the single difference is how they came into being."

"With these advances in technology and a growing desire for more sustainable options, lab-grown diamonds have accelerated in popularity, with a host of jewellers both creating their own and incorporating them into chic and contemporary designs."

The article then breaks down the lab created offerings from key players including Swarovski, Jem, Kimai, De Beers, and Diamond Foundry.

You can read the full article here

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