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Wearable technology trends

While current wearable technology phocuses primarily on smart watches, other developments are occuring with wearable applications that could change that trend.

The looming question is how jewelers can leverage the wearable technology trend to incorporate jewelry pieces outside of just watches.

Below is from an article from discussing future trends and the IOT (Internet of Things) affecting the future of wearable technology...

"Home automation systems and fitness trackers fall under the all-pervasive umbrella of IoT. Big Tech is betting big on IoT and shaping the wearable tech future. Apple and Google are targeting retail customers through products like the iWatch, and the smart lens. Samsung, in addition to its Galaxy smartwatch, has wearable IoT solutions for fleet management. The writing is on the wall, when it comes to the future of wearable devices, the internet of things has to be part of the conversation."

The article identifies the following sources of data as important going forward...

"The following source of data will contribute the most to this cycle:

  • Industrial control systems

  • Business Applications

  • Wearables

  • Sensors & devices

  • Web data

  • Digital media

  • Location trackers"

You can read the full article here

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