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What about bitcoin jewelry?

Well we were curious and couldn't resist. Ofcourse there is bitcoin and cryptocurrency jewelry! showcases a number of different styles for both men and women.

More about

"Crypto Jewelry – jewelers with an eye toward the future. With our fingers firmly placed on the pulse of the markets, we are pairing the exciting new Bitcoin cryptocurrency movement with timeless jewelry that speaks to the new millennium.

Sometimes new ideas simply come to you, shiny and bright, and that is what happened for us with the creation of Crypto Jewelry. Driven by our interest in the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency, we hit upon the idea of pairing our passion for cutting-edge technology with our interest in the finer things in life such as gold and gemstones. Combining these two areas and crafting high-end jewelry seemed to be a natural process. We sought out the finest artisans to work with us and Crypto Jewelry was born, intertwining classic styles with modern technology to create elegant cutting-edge jewelry."

You can read their full "About Us" statement and browse their "crypto jewelry" for sale here

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